Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm still not motivated

I have been study on and off for my exams but I keep wondering how much info has gone into my head? Im quite ok with Sociology but the rest is like...ermmm hmmm arhhh orhhhhh..... *cross finger* Gotta continue to work hard.

Last Sunday, da xiang brought me to watch Monga. It is quite a good movie but well I think Hong Kong's 古或仔 is still the best! Anyway, I like this song sang by 李玖哲-Making Love Out Of Nothing At All from the movie. It's orginally sang by air supply.

Anyway the air con man came today to fix my poor air con. My air con might has some major problem. I shall not say it out what happen until if it really happen. Lol!

The gain city man trying to fix the air con. I just snap it using my Bb2

Poor air con, please get well soon.


kenwooi said...

with the weather so hot, all the want is the aircon to be working.. haha =)

Kelvin said...

Use 2 fans >.< Go green haha^^

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