Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My complaint letter to BBDC!

Yesterday I am very angry with my driving instructor and therefore I should go ahead and write a letter to complaint him!!

Here's what I wrote =P

To: person-in-charge,
I have attended 18 lessons in BBDC as a school student and so far I have met good instructors from my own group (G8002). However, on the 4th Jan 2010, I didn't get my own group instructors and I got this Chinese instructor (instructor no.6341 as indicate in the web when I login), car E111.

He is the worst instructor that I ever encounter.When the lesson started, he wasted alot of my precious time by waiting and waiting. I do understand that sometimes we have to give way to test car or any other cars that pass by but when those cars have already passed by, he still sit there waiting and relax for no reason.

After that he drove to the vertical parking area, and then there was another instructor walked by, he ended up talking to him. Totally a waste of my time and after that he then decided to go on with the lesson.

When he was demonstrating on how to do the vertical parking, he simply just do it without saying anything. He did not give any instruction and guidelines on how to do it. He demo twice and I realized that the way he did it is different from the book. So I asked him, why his method seems different from the book. He laughed and said that it's not necessary to follow the book. I understand his point of view and therefore I asked him, "then from your method, can you show me at which point I need to start turning the wheels to full lock?" He then demonstrated to me one more time and after that I finally get the chance to try.By than more than half an hour has gone!

I don’t wish to get too long winded so I will summarize the other important points on why he totally failed as an instructor and why I simply wasted my money and time on that day.

1. He DID NOT tell me when and where to check the blindspots. He is an instructor, shouldn’t he BE THE ONE telling me? If I didn't ask him is he not going to open his mouth and tell me what things to take note?

2. He should has told me to turn the wheel more to the left or right VERBALLY and not keep adjusting my wheels without saying anything to me. How would I know what's wrong with my driving and how can I learn anything from the way he do it? For your info, I never has such problem with other instructor. The other instructor that I have met, if they feel like I'm going too left or right, they will always tell me things like, “turn abit more to the left or right.” I am the one learning, if I am not doing it correctly, shouldn't he be guiding me and therefore I can learn from my mistake?

3. He keep on steeping on the brake, to further slow down my speed when I'm only driving on 20km/h. If there's danger infront of me I can understand why he did it. He seems to be doing it for fun! if I need to brake more, shouldn't he be using HIS MOUTH TO TELL ME? This is what other instructor will do, if there's a need to slow down, they will inform me to brake more. If everything he wants to do it for me, then shouldn't he be sitting on the driver's seat instead of me?

4. He DID NOT tell me when to straighten my car when doing the parking and he just EXPECT ME TO KNOW IT. When I asked this question, “is it at this point I should start straightening?” He immediately shoot this question back at me, “Do you know how to see if your vehicle is straight anot?” in a very proud manner. In the first place, if I know how to do it, I wouldn’t have ask him right? I asked him the question nicely, shouldn’t he be telling me how to do it instead of trying to mock at me?

5. He wasted my time again by asking me to driving round and the circuit and doing S and crank course, directional change and parallel parking. Sometimes he just asked me to drive 1 round without going through any course! I know it’s good to go through the previous stage item but since my vertical parking is already ok, and I did not knock down any poles, shouldn’t he be proceeding to the next stage which is 3.08 - Brake on ram?

6. HE IS VERY RUDE! When I asked him will we be touching on stage 3.08. He smirk and said, “Oh yes of cos……....... on your next lesson. Now not enough time” He said it in a sarcastic way and I very angry with his reply. At that point of time, I am not sure of the time, even if I did ask a silly question, should he be answering my question in this manner?

7. During my previous lesson, instructor Mazlan from group 8002, he managed to teach me stage 3.05 and 3.06 together in one lesson. I have no problem with him and he is a patient and detail instructor. I don’t see why this Chinese instructor can’t teach 2 stages in one lesson. If he did not waste my time again, will I be not able to complete 2 stages in 1 lesson? He even said that, “Oh vertical parking need 1 lesson to learn one”. If that is the reason then, why he did not spent the whole lesson teaching on this subject? Why he did not give me more attempts to do the vertical parking? Is there such a rule in BBDC that the student MUST take 1 lesson to do vertical parking? Must he really has to waste and drag my lesson time just because IT IS A MUST to spend 1 lesson on vertical parking? Now I might have to spend more money to book an additional slot for my driving, is BBDC going to refund my money for the lesson on 4th Jan? Logically the answer would be a no but it seems very unreasonable that I am paying money just to get a UNPROFESSIONAL instructor and a very unpleasant lesson.

8. Before the lesson ended, he did let me try the braking on the ram (stage 3.08) for 1 time as I requested for it. For your info, at that point of time we still have around 15 – 20mins He seems very unhappy with me, he slammed the door very loudly when he went out of the car to place the poles on the ram. Do I deserve such treatment? It is not as if we are left with 5 minutes! It's 15-20mins! When lesson ended, he didn't bother to review on how’s my performance and I did not ask him any question as my mood was already ruin by him.

Anyway, I find out that whenever I have my lesson and if the instructor is not from my group 8002, they tend to teach less thoroughly. They seems to have the mentally that “oh she’s not from my group so I can anyhow teach.” I heard from someone that instructor’s bonus is depends on the passing rate of the student from their group. If this is true, I can understand why instructors from other group are giving me a “lousy” lesson but at least their attitude is not as bad as this instructor no, 6341.

I hope to get some reply from those highlighted in red. If possible, please do give this instructor some warning. Also, is there any ways that I can avoid this instructor 6341 again? I don't wish to waste my time and money again to get such improper behavior and teaching from him.


Derek Yap said...

wah sey... chill la... chill. Ur first time driving or driven b4? Usually Driving instructors all just wanna finish asap n go makan or watever, so probably he was extending his time wit u. Maybe he was wasting ur time, but yeah... part of da job ma.

Agree its his fault dat he din tell u abt blindspots or instructing properly.

But ultimately end of the day, its u who will learn while driving. :)

chill la, k?

btw, pass di or not?

Kristin said...

Not yet TP. Hehe wont know if I pass for now =p

Anonymous said...

I am suffering harrassment from driving instructors at BBDC. They are discriminating me because I am in my fifties and everytime I attend lesson, they will ask me to change to auto car instead of manual car driving but I told them I need a manual car licence as I may want to driva van in future but they still persist in this nuisance question till I got very fed up. They got the damn cheek to complain to their team leader and the team leader told me to switch to auto car. They just condemn me after only a few lessons just because I appear not to be in the young age group.

I just learnt yesterday that they are accountable for student passing rates so that's the reason
they persisted with their nonsense.

Worse still, one of the instructors insulted me saying,"Why now then come and learn driving? Is it young that time no money?
And he likes to waste my time during lesson by talking alot of nonsense and with the intention of assaulting my modesty and never impart full knowledge.

He does not like to tell me on the finer tips on driving but only if at his whim and fancy and I only got to know at my revision lesson at 2.11 after forty-two lessons, the 3 arrows when to slow down and accelerate when approaching green light junction.

To add more to my injury, this leecher instructor likes to touch my hand when I am negotiating a bend on the pretext that an oncoming car is approaching.

I had a previous encounter but this time, I shouted back at him, 'Don't touch my hand, touch the steering wheel! When the lesson ended, his face turned black and subsequently, he cancelled my next lesson with him.

I am really disgusted with him.

I don't know whether to continue with BBDC but I am already into module 3 just finished module 2 and private instructors don't favour this late change as they prefer you pay more.

I am at a dilemma. I wanted to change earlier but the counter staff said I cannot choose group.

Kristin said...

Hey Anonymous,

I heard 1 instructor, he told me that the more student pass in their group the more bonus they get. So the instructors in your group really sucks. They think they you will feel so they want to chase you out of their group.

I think you should write a complaint letter too. It somehow works and maybe you should ask to change to other group. If I am not wrong, if you wish to change group it is possible but you have to pay more.

Have you book anymore lessons with them? I think you should stop until they respond to your complaint letter (if you intend to write). If not you should go for private instructors.

Good luck.

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