Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gearing up for my driving test

I will be taking my practical test in like 2 weeks time!! I'm kinda nervous and yet very excited about it. I really hope to get my driving license as it will be my greatest and the MOST expensive birthday gift ever! I spent like S$2,000 just to learn how to drive! Can you imagine how freaking expensive it is!!! Im not even talking about buying a car or what =/ Anyway, gotta thanks to my mother, who sponsored me S$1000 for my driving. Hehe!

Well, here are some pointers to remind myself for during the test.

1) Adjust the seat correctly, if not after 30mins of driving my leg already start to ache
This happen when I just started driving. I tend to adjust my seat too close to the steering wheel. Maybe I keep feeling that my legs are short so I gotta adjust the seat nearer but it's not true! I don't need to adjust the seat very close to the steering wheel in order to let my leg to reach the pedal!!!

2) Most instructors will say checking of blind-spot is easy but I must make sure I turn my correctly so if the tester happen to say I turn too much or too little I can always argue with him!!
This happen to Grassy and choi! Let's say if it happen to me, Im sure I will argue with him. You see, if I spent so much money and NONE of the instructor mention that my checking of blind-spot is wrong, doesn't it means that the instructors are not doing their job? If no one pointed this out and only the tester mention it, maybe it's the tester himself got problem!

3) Always stop at the stopping line. Even there's no car,I must also stop for at least 1 sec.
During 4.02, my instructor said I didn't stop at the stopping line. He said what I did was merely just slowing down. (orly?) So maybe I should stop for 2-3 seconds. Haha!

4) Always look far ahead and lookout for any hazard that are infront of me!
I must be extra alert all the time!! Now, I'm already ok with signaling to the left when there's a hazard infront but just in case... I shall remind this to myself all the time!

$%$^$^#^#^&#@&*( I don't know for how many times have I miss out the motorbikes! Argh! I always check that there's no car and I move forward but there's always motorbike appear out of nowhere and instructors will said this to me, "you didn't notice the motorbike?" I will always like... "er got meh?" Haha! I don't want to fail the test because of missing out the motorbikes!

6) That day, for 4.01 I got a quite young good looking instructor, he told me that if I wanna get the license as my birthday present I shall treat the tester as my uncle. So if I wanna pass. I should make sure that he feel safe sitting in my car by drive safely and correctly and also ensure that I do all safety checks

7) Know the circuit well or least look at the signboard and marking on the road.
There's like 2-3 times when asked to turn left,I ended up nearly turning into the wrong lane which is for the oncoming car -___- Last time even worse, when I turn right I should go to the right lane but I went to the left lane!! Thanks to the quite good looking instructor, he give me a good tip by saying, if Im turning left... so my car should go the left. It's I'm going right then I should be going to the right. Sounds so logical! Lol. Im so dumb man.

8) Always look/check back when reversing
Seriously, I didn't know this until the quite good looking instructor told me so. Aww man... so lucky to get this random instructor who is not from my group. He is the one who told me that when doing the auto ram, I have to look back when reversing. Sounds very stupid right? Instructors from my own group didn't even notice this mistakes.

9) Be extra careful when turning into point 19 in circuit!During my stage 4, all instructors said I'm good with circuit and said my parking has no problem! Hehe! It's good to hear that and I just hope I can continue to do it for my test. 1 instructor even said that my circuit is better than my driving on the road... Then while he talking I suddenly mount kerb -____- #%$^$%^@%^ Then he was like... "Aiyo why like that?" Wahahhaha! I hate point 19, I mounted the kerb twice there! At 4.04, while I was turning there, I am super duper careful with it and when Im doing the turning, the instructor suddenly "ahhhhh...." She makes me damn nervous la! I thought what's happening!! Then she said, "Wow, that's so close. Nearly mount kerb." $%$^*(%(!& Maybe only female instructor will be so kan cheong? HAHA.

10) RELAX! Enjoy driving & pass my test! =)


Zee bo Bee said...

Hey hey!

Good luck on your driving test!!! From all hte rules you have listed, I think it should be no problem at all for you :)

All the best.

Isaac said...

Good luck for the test

Beware of parallel parking! hehe *grins*

If you don't pass this test, the next time round u will have to do parking without poles :p


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