Thursday, January 14, 2010

My brithday wishlist!

My birthday is like less than 1 more month to go so it's not very exaggerate to list out what I want right? Whahaa! I start to prepare early so people can *ahem* prepare present earlier. I never expect my friends & family to get anything expensive for me, I just want to get the things that I want and it's useful to me (at the moment =p)

1) Winnie the pooh's photo album from minitoons.
Only $9.95! I need this to put stuff, not photos! Haha. Hmmmm... Maybe I need 2?

2) Winnie the pooh's seat mat.
I don't know what's the actual for it. Hehe. I need this to replace my old and dirty one. It only cost $12.90! Not expensive right?! I saw this at Suntec - Carrefour.

3) Lumpy the Heffalump!
Cos it's too cute not to have. He is too cute not to have it. He is one the character in Winnie the poo. Somebody is already going to buy this! =p

4) Winnie the pooh's hanging pockets.
I need this to replace something else. Haha. It's not expensive! I saw this @ Jurong Point's NTUC

5) Lumix Lx 3
I have been eying for this for so long. I doubt anyone will buy for me >.< I'm working hard for this but currently it's damn hard as I'm no longer working full time =/ Anyone wanna donate money to me? Or bao some ang bao? Haha.

6) Blackberry 2!
It cost $298 + $100 if I buying it. The $100 is because my contract still left with 1 year to go. =/ I'm not sure if I wanna sell my omnia. It worth around $200+. If I sell it and maybe try to get $100 voucher from starhub, it will be so damn worth it! HAHA! But I kinda not bear to sell my Omnia away. Hmmmm...

Will continue to update the list as time goes by =P


cr3ap said...

Hahaha, sure have a lot of wishlist there. You sure like winnie the pooh huh. So many of it also from winnie the pooh. Well but if you have a wishlist, it wouldn't be any more suprises to you if your friends is buying those for you. But at least you can fully utilize those presents. :D

Regards from cr3ap

Kelvin said...

typo error...1 more "?", month or week?

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