Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's turn the clock back to 2009!

I know every new year I should be doing a recap for 2009. You might be wondering why did I only choose to do it now? Actually it's pretty simple, it's because I am going to celebrate my 22nd birthday soon. I will just love to look back what have I done when I'm a 21 year old girl.


Went CNY shopping with SPY and her sisters.

Reunion dinner with family

First time making breakfast for my dear.

Celebrated LK's 21st birthday.


Celebrated our first Valentine's day

Celebrated my 21st birthday!

First time Lou Hei with dear's family.

First time been to the Night Safari

First time went out in the nigh till like 4-5am in the morning then went back to sleep. Haha~


Celebrated Tim's birthday

Bought a new Winnie the Pooh bedsheet.

First time waking up so early for breakfast before going to work.


Celebrated SPY's birthday. We have a steamboat at her house. I hope to have another one this year. Hehe! Shall we make it annually?


Bought lotsa t-shirt from Taiwan

A colleague last day of work. I specially put this up because I love how cute we are with out jellyfish's head. HAHA!

First time to receive a flower from him.


Steamboat with Monz! Wow! We finally met up after like 4 months!!

I pass my basic theory!!!


Celebrated XY's birthday

Celebrated Papa's birthday!

Went Har Paw Villa!


Won $50 Waraku voucher and went there to eat! =)

First time been to a poly cateen -___- (NYP)


Some cleaner auntie cracked my laptop (workplace)

Got a surprise necklace from dear. It's something I didn't expect him to buy.

Went KL with grassy! It's so wasted we never took any picture together!! =/ Anyway I like the effect of this photo I took. Haha!


Celebrated Mama's birthday

Went Southern Ridges with my family.

Left UOB ~


Bought Fuji Instax Mini 7!

Met up with Grassy & SPY before xmas!


Isaac said...

Great roundup of your personal life in 2009. Hope you have a great year in 2010!

Hope you can visit my blog to click on my ads btw.

Cheers to all Singaporean bloggers,

Isaac said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog so often. Hope u have clicked on my ads too. and prob tell ur friends to help in this as well haha...just kidding

Will try to help click ur ads whenever I see them

Have fun,

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