Friday, December 18, 2009

I will never fried noodles/kway teow again!

That day I told my family I wanna try to fried noodle, fried kway teow or whatever it's call. It's just putting the kway teow and noodle together and fried, that's it. Lol. I thought it will be fun and who knows, I can start my own stall and sell fried kway teow one day! Alright, I'm kidding.

So last weekend we went to buy all ingredients.

Noodles & kway teow.

Crab meats, bean sprouts and fish cakes.

So on Wednesday I just started cooking this dish without knowing how to even start doing it. Haha. Oh, did I told you that I have never fried this noodles/kway teow before? Hehe.

My sis said I gotta soaked the noodles & kway teow first so that when we eat the noodles, there won't be a noodles smell. But my mum told me not to soak it. Well, I didn't listen to my mum because my sis can cook better fried noodles/kway teow than her. Wahahaha!

Alright so I started my cooking...

I actually add in all the ingredients first which I find it quite stupid after that. Those food are already cooked! I should put in the noodles & kway teow first -_____- Major fail!

Alright... I added the noodles after I added in those ingredients -.-

Now I added in the beansprouts and 2 eggs which I can't even see it when it's done.

I added in soy suace and black soy sauce. Tadaaah! This is the ending product! I can't even see any trace of the eggs. Haha.

Overall, I think it's ok. The taste is fine, not too salty or too bland but I should have added in the garlic or onion?! I forgot what my father said. Haha. My father also said that my noodle/kway teow was too dried. Probably due to not enough oil.

It's not easy frying noodle/kway teow you know! So I decided that I won't do it again. Haha! I shall just fried my rice will do =P


jfook said...

The sequence should be like that
(i) onions
(ii) the fish cakes, crab meats and stuffs (take it out after it's cooked)
(ii) Egg...then kueh teow...
(iv) bean sprouts and last the fish cakes which are cooked..
Just a piece of my opinions:) Have a nice day!!~

Kelvin said...

lol, but not bad for a 1st timer liao^^

Melanie said...

You should fry the noodles with the soy sauce before hand 1st, then you start with the rest of the ingredients. It should be - garlic (you don't need onion), then the fish cakes and cooked stuff so at least there's a lil garlic flavor infused and the already fried noodles. Eggs can be put before or after you put the noodles. If you want them to appear visible, put it before. But if u like the egg to stick to the strands of noodles , after. :)

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