Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do you love Coach?


Christmas is coming! Don't you wish to get something for yourself? Or buy a bag, wristlet or a keychain for your female friends? How about a stylo-milo wallet for your male friends?

Well why not get yourself something for this Xmas? (Don't be cheapo like me. Only wait for people to buy me gift. =P ) If it's too late for Xmas than just get it as a 2010 gift then. Haha. Well, look let's not look further than this...

visit LovesCoach now!

They are selling mainly the Coach's items which includes the following:

- Mini Skinnies
- Small - Medium wristlets
- Swingpacks
- Ladies' Wallets
- - Keychains & Acessories
- Large-Medium totes/bags
- Classic Coach Signature Stripe Series
- Men's accessories/wallets

and many more! Visit their website for more!

Look what I got for myself and my the other half this Xmas.

A Coach Soho Signature Pleated wallet for myself! I really like the design and *ahem* the leather smell =X

A Coach Signature Stripe Card Bi-fold Case for him!

The 2 items also come with 2 nice gift box...

it also come with an authentic card, tag and gift receipt. You can be rest assured that the items selling @ LovesCoach are authentic!

On top of all these great items that they are selling, their service are really good! They respond fast to my email and I received the item in just 1 week (Btw, the items are shipped from the US). They actually sent someone to send the item do my door step personally! So you can be quite assured that your item(s) will not be lost in lala land ~

Woo wee! I finally got my own Xmas gift this year! All thanks to LovesCoach!!

*Ahem* I know my bf will get something for me aslo. *evil laugh*

Shop @ LovesCoach now!


Eric Lee said...

thanks for dropping by my blog...XD

kumfye said...

thx for dropping by my blog...clicked your ads...thx...happy blogging

zhimin said...

hihi i m fine err cam i ask ?WHERE IS UR CHATBOX? haha i bit wierd yesterday can not find take me a long time to tag haha take care!^^

Ying Zi said...

Oh,I can't find your tagboard either.
Here's my reply to you tag :hehe,no need to envy. One day will be your turn ;)

And I did advertorial for lovescoach too! :)

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