Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free western food at Flamin' Grills

I finally met up with my fellow Monz last night! We went to Upper Thomson to eat free western food! All thanks to SPY for telling us that there is such a good offer but no thanks to her for bringing us to such a far far away place. Luckily, Grassy's dad drove us to Clementi! If not I think I might reach home at 12mn. Hahaha!

Anyway, it's a promotion that onlt last for 3 days. So you probably won't get to eat anymore free food from them =P By the the portion given to us is smaller as it's free, when the promo is over, the portion will be bigger =)

Grassy being threaten to come all the way to Upper Thomson to eat =p

Thanks to SPY for the free drinks!

Mine - Striploin regular cut. I love the baked fluffy! It's funny that the restaurant name the baked potatoes as baked fluffy. Haha

SPY - Pork or Chicken steak. Oh no!!! I can't remember! I got a super bad memory.

Grassy - Salmon fillet

Grassy & my set come with the salad =)

Finally a group photo but without HT. Hehe! I laughed abit overboard.


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

the drinks look relly good:)

Kelvin said...

Hiya~just to inform u of my new blog. Merry Christmas^^

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