Monday, December 28, 2009

This is how I spend my free & easy days

I have been happily staying at home since the start of December and it's has been going to a month! I am not sure if I have done anything productive but at least I know I have been doing many things other than just slacking around and playing games.

I have been busying packing my room. You might think it's easy to pack a room but it's definitely not easy to pack my room!!! I have 2 bookshelf full of books and 1 study table with drawers to clear!

Here are some of the stuff I found while clearing and packing my junks.

Tons of Endit Blyton's books and the rest.

I sew it when I was Primary 4 (i think)! I actually cried because I couldn't finish sewing the bottom part (the leafs and water). So my auntie advice me to just sew the outline will do. My teacher actually thought this was nice and put it up for the school year end exhibition =D

My little toy cars. =)

I saw this on my old notebooks. I wrote "I want to die". Hmmm... I have no idea why I wrote that. Hehe.

Guess what? I saw my old Daniel Chan's file. Haha. I used to be a huge fan of him =P

2 of the photos from different magazines.

Well, during my free time I managed to sell off some used and unused stuff on the net and earn like $270? Wahaha! That consider alot right? But I still need more $$$!!!

Meanwhile I also have been taking up my driving lessons too. My test will be on 1st February. I'm kinda scared that I'm actually rushing through it. I still gt like 9-10 lessons to go and I think I only have time to have 2-3 more revision then it's gonna be the test date soon. I'm like already fear of 1st February 2010 when now it's still 2009. Lol! I'm just afraid I don't have enough practice. Pray hard that the tester is having a CNY mood and give me a pass! If I didn't mention anything that I pass my driving after 1st February please don't comment or sms me about it. LOL.

Also, I also got a part time job as a flyers distributor for 2 weeks (first 2 weeks of January 2010). Hehe. At least I got some income to top up for my driving fees >_< Poor me!

I'm like stuck because I don't know if I should be looking for a full time job or be like how I am now - on/off looking for some part time job to cover some of my daily expenses. I can't be working full time because I need to study! If working eat up too much of my time I will end up getting bad result or fail. I'm not a smart person so I need plenty of time to study. Hm... Talking about studies, I have been procrastinating man. I only start a slight bit of my revision. I gotta work harder and stop procrastinate!!

I also have did other stuff but well I guess those that I did not mention here, I have already mentioned in other blog entries =)


kenwooi said...

enjoy what you're gonna do.. and all the best in your driving lessons, and exam! =D

Soh Hong Wei said...

I should start packing mine too.. hmm hmm...
Happy Holidays! =)

Kelvin said...

Happy New Year^^

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