Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Probably this is how I feel now...

I'm not totally alone but I just feel restless. Every morning I woke up, it's already12pm or 1pm. Lol! I used to hate sleeping because it is very time wasting but now I keep waking up late! Probably it is the lack of motivation. What's more funny is... Whenever I convinced myself to go down for a run, the skies turn grey and begin to rain. It is really like.. WTF!

So everyday I am like, play some games on facebook, do some questions, write notes, preparing for my exams, watch some movies... blah..... Kinda sick of the routine.What's worse is... Sitting at home = Zero income. Oh well, thankfully I got my awesome parent & bf to feed me. Haha! Alright, come to think about it, it ain't so bad after all but being alone at home can be really BORED~ Luckily, I am going out later to kill my boredom!!!

Oh well, this is my random thought of the day. Ciao!~

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