Monday, February 14, 2011

A proper 23rd birthday post

The post before this is more for the contest so I decided to have a actual post for my birthday. Oh anyway, I won the tickets for the movie, I am number 4. Haha!

A  few pictures of the birthday girl....

We went Jack's place to have a little celebration. Nothing really special but it is a good time to enjoy the food and sit around for a chat.

Mushroom with cheese.

Fish & chip


Chocolate cake for desert.

 The best part was going back home to sing birthday song and eating the cake with my family. Even though we are doing it every year, I just wont get sick of it. I love my family, they are always so fun to be with. My birthday wish is definitely not wishing for more money or whatever, I will want my family to stay healthy and happiness all around =)


Soh Hong Wei said...

Happy Birthday! =)

Nick the bookaholic said...

Happy belated birthday.I'm really enjoy reading your blog so much.I like your articles especially those movie post.Keep it up. :)

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