Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super late post on CNY & Valentine's day!

I know it's super late as CNY has already past for so many days but I still insist on posting these pictures because this is for my own reference! Who cares if nobody is gonna read it. Maybe 10 years down the road, I will click back on my blog and laugh at my own writings and pictures. =)

Yay! My new bedsheet (a gift from my buddy, Grassy) together with my 2 elephants & Duffy ^_^ Every night I will be sleeping soundly with this comfortable bed.

My er... study desk or maybe my used to be study desk. Now I always study at my computer desk. haha.

Some new year decorations that my Dad put up ;)

Our reunion dinner =D I love steamboats! Especially when I can BBQ those food.

This is what I wear for 初一.

This is what I wear for 初二.
This is what I wear for 初三.

Duffy with my red packets. (Of cos my red packets are more than what is shown! Haha!)

On the 2nd day of CNY, I went to 春到河畔 (Chun Dao He Pan) located at Marina Bay. The sight will definitely be prettier if we go in night. 

This is me with the dragon stamp because I'm born in the year of dragon!

Mama with the horse's coin.

Papa with the God fortune! HUAT AR!

Time for some snack. According to my Dad's handsign.. It's GOOD!

1 last shot before we go home =) I have a nice time spent with my parent even though my sis & her hubby wasn't around in Singapore during the CNY.
I really have to say it's good to have my parent around! During the CNY period my mum was on leave for like 10 days? Everyday, around 12pm she will wake me up for lunch. (I'm like a boss) Haha! Isn't it nice that you get to eat home cook food everyday? When she goes back to work, it's back to the days whereby I eat either an apple or anything that will fill 1/4 of my tummy. So everyone must treasure your parent because they are the one and only! 

Okay, lets move over to Valentine's day post...

Our gifts

He bought famous amos cookies and pink flowers! According to feng shui master, pink rose is better than a red rose. Haha!

This is how it looks like inside the famous amos's tin. The soft cookies is really delicious! I'm totally addicted to it!

I bought a braun buffel keychain for him. Probably he can use it for his car key.
On this day, we went to watch I am number four! Thanks to Nuffnang, we got the free tickets to watch the movie ahead of whoever who don't get the privilege. =p Probably I will blog about the movie review tomorrow. Ciao! 


sirei said...

i didn't know famous amos have big cookie like that?! :O

Kel said...

How much u got for angbao? XD

Nick the bookaholic said...

You,you,you sleep with...animals? lol
So cute !

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