Sunday, June 6, 2010

My new working journey starts tomorrow!

After going for a 4-5 interviews I finally got a job! I am kinda excited but the salary is not really what I want. Well, at least working in a banking & finance industry is better than working as customer service or sales coordinator (which I can ask for higher salary due to my past experiences.) I shall share some of my experience & complaints for the few interviews.

1. A Japanese electronic company
When I reached the company, I saw my ex colleague! I was quite surprise. Hehe! She has work there for like going 3 years so I presume the company should be good ya? The interview was ok and I thought I got quite a good chance as the HR ticked quite a high score for me. Haha! You know, I peep at her paper ma! However, no news from them... * sigh*

2. A manufacturing company
Blah blah blah... The person who interview me was in a rush for another meeting so basically not much questions were being asked and I can already sense that I'm not gonna work here. Lol.

3. Another manufacturing company
I was supposed to be interview by the manager but end up being interviewed by 2 seniors (I guess). Their interview skills are very poor -___- They can like discuss among themselves and infront of me! Example like when I'm sitting infront them, lady A can said to lady B "She know this and that... maybe can ask her to do this... blah blah...." -__________- Worse is, they are actually looking for people who has freight forwarding experience! So they got nothing much to ask as I don't have that experience. That is the reason why I hate looking for agency -_____-

4. Marubun arrow - An electronic company
The 2 interviewers for this company is damn rude that I have to name the company!! 2 freaking idiotic guy that make me sad at first but later I feel that I don't have to feel demoralized because of these 2 idiots! Here is one of the thing he said

Interviewer A: So after your O level, you didn't get into poly? Your result must be very bad.

WTF? Where got interviewer talk to the candidates in such a manner? A PAPER QUALIFICATION IS JUST A PAPER! I have met people with a GOOD CERT but when comes to work, he/she is really kayu (stupid). A person who knows how to work smart is better than those who has a good paper qualification but got nothing in the brain!

Interviewer A: You are like changing job every year. This reflect very bad on you and your resume.

Hello stupid uncle! I left my first job after working for going 2 years and I left there is because Im gonna further my studies. You idiot! After that my other 2 jobs are contract base! It is not permanent job! Stupid fellow! Please read my reason for leaving before talking!

I can only fake a smile and explain... -_- They might be trying to use tricky question to test me out but their tone is really sarcastic. Both of them have a very proud attitude. There were a few more nasty things they said but I can't be bothered to list them out. No point being angry about the past.

Someone asked what will I do if I face something bad in work. So what I will do? I will just do the same. Fake a smile and curse them when they left. Nothing is wrong with that and I am sure alot of people is doing that. That is the ugly side of the working society. Lol.

5. Foreign bank =D
I got a offer from this bank! Although the pay is much lower than what I expected and is also lower than my 2nd last job >_< but nonetheless, I think working in a bank provides more opportunities and future.

Anyway, good luck to myself =)


k0k s3n w4i said...

"WTF? Where got interview talk to the candidates in such a manner? Fucking hell, if you think I am bad wtf you call me up for an interview? Shit you!"

sometimes, they use these sort of questions to trip you up and see how you fare under stress. how did you handle it anyway?

lucky me, i've no need to humt for job when i grad next year. one of the perks of being in the medical field :P

Kristin said...

I just have to fake a smile and explain. I have no problem handling stress but I dont like their sarcastic tone.

haha good for you =)

John said...

if questions like that you also cannot stand and wanna curse him, what if you really get something bad when u work?

SonnyKazu said...

smack their face when they asked you their sarcastic questions... :P

Kristin said...

John - Who can stand those sarcasm? Not many but how many can endure it? Not many. At least I didn't flare at them I just fake a smile and curse behind their back. Nothing is wrong with that. =) In working society, alot of ppl is just wearing a mask.

Tina said...

quiet funny for the 4th part but it was very rude, man.. Btw, good luck for ur new career =)

ohmywtf said...

lol..good luck with ur new job! :-)

JarvisjerK said...

Welcome back to the rat race and congrats with ur new job.

Kelvin said...

Sigh, i am trying to find a job with my O levels too~ But most of them doesn't like O levels as my result is 5 passes and 21 points...its not that bad isn't it?

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