Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why girls should watch football!

I am a football fan and the one and only team that I support is Italy! 4 years ago they won the world cup! Although this year they might not win it again, I will still be supporting them!

Im not those that only know how to look at those handsome footballers ok! I know what is freekick, offside, penalty etc etc... I have been watching football since a very young age. Hehe! I used to stay in my auntie's house and she has 3 sons. I always play with her youngest son and whatever he plays or watches, I will follow so I ended up falling in love with football =)

Alright I shall cut my crap, here are some of the good reason why girls should learn to enjoy watching football.

1) You will never feel neglected by your boyfriend during this period because both of you can enjoy watching football and cuddle each other at the same time. Hohoho!

2) Build up the relationship and make watching the game more enjoyable by betting with your boyfriend and guess who will win for each match. The loser will pay for the meal or something like that. Haha!

3) Impress other guys (can be your colleague or friends)! Whenever my colleague know I watch football, they always look very surprise. Haha! *ahem* So they end up talking to me more than the other girls.

4) Hot footballers! Need I explain more? Lol!

Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Fernando Torres is still often the reason why girls watch football matches. I'm not so into hot footballers. At the moment my favorite players is Andrea Pirlo. He may not be very good looking but I adore his skills and everything! =p

These are 4 very good reasons why girls should start watching football now!!


Joon Hao said...

haha...check out my blog..u can watch it LIVE :P

nanged u btw

Vin Tsen Gan said...

MOST girls watch football for the last reason on your list XD

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
I am forcing myself to watched it with my bro..! But seriously i am just not interested..! Not even if they are handsome..!
Nanged and clicked on your adv.
Do visit mine too! Thanks:)

Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =). ronalda alwiz keep up with his good shape

sirei said...

haha, i go for the hotties!

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