Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vuvuzela give me a chance to be on the newspaper!

For those who has been watching the World Cup will definitely know what a vuvuzela is. Yes, it's instrument that make the noisy "bzzzzzzzzzzz" sound that you hear in every match. Guess what? I bought it yesterday!!! I got it at S$16! It's quite cheap! However, it's not really the genuine one. The real one is much more longer than the one I have.

This is my vuvuzela!!!!!!!

After I got this vuvuzela I immediately tweet it! Ironically, Straits Times managed to get my email and ask for my contact so that she can do a phone interview with me! In the email she mentioned that she is a journalist for Straits Times life! section. She is working on a story on vuvuzelas in Singapore, and what people are using them for. I agree with the phone interview but I decline to have a photoshot of me and my vuvuzela as I'm too shy about it >_<

Basically she just asked me a few questions, I will tell you guys more when the newspaper is out. Lol! Perhaps I should just go for it right?What you guys think? Haha! Anyway, please do remember to buy Straits Times this Sunday!! Even though it is just a small interview but well at least my name will still be on the papers!! =D

She also asked if I have other friends who own it and I gave her my another friend's no. Hehe! See! I'm so good right? Good things has to share to others =)


kenwooi said...

i would have asked them to link up my blog as well in return! =D

Nana Eddy said...

agree with kenwooi. Why la all people like that annoying little thing? huhu

Serene said...

u shld have taken that chance to pose with ur vuvuzuela!! :D

Dallas said...

Should have taken photo la! Seeing your photo on the newspaper is very interesting and new!

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