Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sticky - Really addictive sweets!

Last Saturday, we stop by Sticky at The Central. I actually read bout this place from Xiaxue's blog. Anyway, the sweets there are really colorful! I went to try 1 of their sample and it is so so so sweet and yummy! I wanted to buy that flavor that I tried but Da Xiang urged me to get the mixture so I get to eat more variety.

Rock mix @ $11.90. If you going back to buy more sweets, you can recycle the jar and the price will be like 1/2 of that price!

Yum yum! I like lotsa of their flavour. It's really awesome! For sweets lover, you should go there and buy 1! You can buy for yourself or for your love ones. There are other design which are really nice for the couples =)


sherry said...

clicked ya ad and nice post u have.

xiaofu said...

hihi, nanged for u...
oh ya, these sweets are hard to bite, and hard to get off the teeth... really sticky sweets... :)