Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dinner @ Mr Curry

Last Saturday, I went Marina Bay Sands to check it out. Nothing much there as many shops are not yet open and I can't go to the casino because I don't want to pay the $100!!! Lol! Well, the Helix bridge is awesome! I took some pictures and will post it up later. Anyway, before heading down to the bridge, my and my dear went to fill up our tummy @ Mr Curry. Yum yum! The food there is quite awesome.

The menu

"Hmmm what should I eat?"

It's me! =p

Calamari! I love it!

Dear's seafood pasta.

This is mine

Yummmmmy! The eggs with the scallop are really delicious!

I will give 4/5 for the food! The curry is really *thumbs up*


jfook said...

Wow, the food really looks good. :)

Kelvin said...

I ate the seafood pasta before, its real good^^

phittera said...

the food looks really good! hows the pricing?

Kristin said...

phittera - price ok. $20 below for each set.

Tina said...

How many star u range it? How bout the price?

rting said...

the desserts there are quite good too! u shld try it next time! :D

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