Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Counting down to 3 more days

Dear's birthday is just 3 more days away. The present I got for him has arrive yesterday. I went to the MO starter's house to collect it. The present is really nice! I can't revealed it here, in case he is reading it. Haha. I hope he likes it when the day comes. Most important is I hope that day will goes on smoothly.

Anyway, it's has been a fun journey on my way to the person house to collect the present. Me and LK were like the 2 blur sotongs trying to find the location. Haha. We met 1 uncle who simply just anyhow point us the location lor!! #%$#%$#% Luckily, we are not so stupid. Hehe. Well, we have a good laugh despite of all the shitty stuff we get in the office. Although sometimes we have our little argument, good friends will never have overnite grudges =)

Hm... If I'm gonna leave my workplace before her, I hope she don't get bullied by the bastard. *sigh* If I can I will chop the bitch into pieces and feed the dog... but wait....! I think I will hire someone to do so so as not to dirty my hand. LOL. I began to hate working here man. Esp. the bitch and that bastard. They are really like jian fu yin fu. *pui* Haha. Well, I decided not to blog about them as they will dirty my entry.

Anyway, I have already submitted my resume to my aunt. I hope to hear some response soon. The working place is quite far from my house but I think I should just give it a shot. The job is basic + commission, so why not? Who knows I'm cut out to be a salesperson. Wahaha. Well, as long as I can get the hell out of here asap, I'm willing to take out new challenge and of cos *ahem* the salary is good enough for me to jump ship. Hehe.

That's all folks!

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