Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fruity conversation

Apparently this colleague of mine is either boring or bo liao.. I gave him the UAT online username to login to do his testing and here goes our conversation via email.

Username: MANGO990
PW: 12345678

Ryan: Thank you… Username: Mango??? Got papaya and durian also is it???

Me: Hahaha.. If you want, I also can create apple, pear and orange also.

Ryan: Haha… no lar.. mango is ok. But dunno why cannot login. Need minimum XP is it?

Me: Bo bian durian and all fruits are not working at the moment.

Ur login failed at the first page?

Currently we have problem login in to the PIB with new / used ID also. For the time being you try use this first:
Username: ZZA123512
PW: 12345678

Ryan: Its ok lar, weather too hot so the harvest not too good… If got any other spare fruits then forward to me. Meanwhile, its tea break time…

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