Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 10 stuff about my childhood days...

I'm simply too bored in office... so I shall blog about my childhood stuff and etc.

1)I grew up watching Transformers, Chipmunks, Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Captain planet, Doraemon and Ninja turtles too.

2) My class would scared the shit out of them when someone with a mask covering their mouth came to the class and called out a name to go visit the school dentist.

3) SBS buses used to be non-air conditioned. Some of the bus seats were made of wood and the cushion was red. The big red bell gave a loud BEEEP when pressed. Bus tickets were issued when inserted the bus card into the machine.

4) Last time everyone's favorite actor is either Li Nanxing, Chew Chor meng, Zoe Tay and Fann Wong.

5)I read Young Generation magazine. I like Vinny the Little Vampire and Constable Acai always remind me of my father.

6) My favorite snacks were Ding Dang, that had a toy in it and it changes every week. RingPop and PushPop were heavily advertise on the TV.

7) I watched TV2 or TV1 only because it's showing Doraemon!!

8)My favourite fast food used to be A &W. I love the root beer float and the onion ring!

9) Gameboy was most in handheld gadget.

10) My friends will run to "chop" a spot to play hopscotch during recess time.

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