Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life is a rollercoaster

It's always been like that with him, 1 day extremely good & another day gone extremely bad! Bahh!

On Friday night, I was made to do OT! Well, it's nothing new, San Zhar always ask me to do her unfinished work on Friday night! Sorry that I have to make he & his family wait. While I'm still in the office, Ricky was so darn funny larh! He was doing and saying those stupid things which I can't remember it now. Lol. I think my memory are getting from bad to worse.

We went Chinatown for dinner blah blah... Then his dad ordered this Fish bee hoon. By then I was already super full (after eating the Chicken rice & damn big hotdog. Lol) His dad still asked me to try the fish roe & ermm the intestine... Sounds gross but when you eat it, it's really damn nice la! Lol. And he claimed that stall is the only stall in Singapore that sell this.

Sometimes its just so blissful to watch the 1 u love sleeping & it just remind me of the song by Aerosmith, I don't wanna miss a thing...

On Saturday, it was kinda like a super duper bad start. I was pondering hard if I should be go dinner with BB&JJ. Initially, I told JJ that I might not be free etc. *sigh* Never did I know that will become an....

Hahaha I know I got plenty of "Locked" stuff but that's just my personal life yahx? =) Alright I shall get some sleep now! I will blog again when I when up... Haha.

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