Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNY is coming!

Maybe due to the recession, I have not been buying much for CNY. Alright, it's an excuse! I think I have spending too much Saturday with him & his family. Well, anyway so far I bought 2 pairs of heels i and no tops, dress or whatever at all! Oh my gosh! Lucky I still got a new dress that I bought last year December, which I have not wear it before. Haha.

Hmmm... Luckily SPY jio me out this coming Saturday to shop! I bet there will be some super big crowd at Jurong Point *faint*. I have been thinking about this for many donkey years, so finally I decide to go trim my eyebrown with the help from SPY! Haha! Not to worry, she is not going to pluck it for me!!

Hmmm... due to dear's car damaged body-kit, I actually passed him some $$ as I'm abit guilty of it. He wanted to return me the money and he asked me to use it to buy CNY clothes & trim my eyebrown so I will look nicer -_- But but... it's definitely not because of him then I decided to do it... He just reminded me of it. Btw, just side note, it's strange that I don't know how to type a name for him... it takes awhile for my to decide to put in the word, 'dear'. Lol. Strange!

Alright so this Saturday, gonna shop with SPY lor! Oh man, my pocket is burning fast! *sob* No money to buy any Levis jeans for this year. Haha. I shall just reduce, reuse and recycle! Just buy some tops will do =)

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