Sunday, August 6, 2006

That's all folks

Playing too much game will keeps your mind in the virtual world and exits your brain from the reality. I should take some time off my game and check who is online.

Life has been still quite the same - Playing game, going out, missing people around me and rot even more. The reason why I have not been blogging is because my brain is dying on me. I have not been sleeping early. Partly it’s my fault and well… someone else is at fault too. LOL. Thanks for Dr Chris AKA Grassy for some health tips. I always drink milk with some other junks whenever I’m hungry. Now I know that I shouldn’t and also, hm… Sleeping in the afternoon is bad. Dr Chris is kind enough not to ask for any consultation fees.

I smsed SPY and told her I hate her. LOL. She is very surprise but I was just pulling her leg. This is just a way to get someone’s attention. I asked her to sms Grassy about whether she is going to her house on National day. Frankly, I miss talking to her. Although sometimes she is too much of fairy tale, I don’t mind getting out of the reality and chat with her for a while.

*yawn* I think I'm going back to my game. XD

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