Thursday, May 18, 2006

I don't know what to put here

I just read Grassy's blog and I decided to do something evil again! Haha. I just love doing that. Grassy is really good at summarizing everything that happen yesterday. I'm only good at talking about the important points. HAHA. SHE IS SO NONSENSE!!

She is right, play too much game really make one person lost touch with the world outside. *sigh* I will play lesser and do something that I like to do, just like last time.

Today such a bad day for Dex. HAHA. He called me on his way home, asking me about something. Suddenly, I heard a the sound of broken glasses and followed by his vagularities. This suay guy's car got knocked by the back car and his car knocked onto the front car. LOL. The most dumbest thing was, after he hung up, he wanted to call his mother but he call me again instead. Then after that when he called again, the moment I picked up the phone, I told him that I'm not his mother. LOL.

Sissy Jo planning to go out tomorrow for all the Renewal members (er... only close one)! He so plan-less. Keep asking me lunch or dinner... This and that. No wonder so sissy. LOL.

Today seem to be so bored. What on earth is happening!! I can't wait for World Cup 2006!!

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