Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Weird and Weridest

It all suppose to be a typical and boring Tuesday. However the whole of Tuesday changed when the Weird met the Weirdest...

Weirdest wore a black polo tees, a three-quarter pants and a white slipper with her dumb dumb hair being tied up. She was all ready to meet her friend, Weird, at Queenstown. Weirdest and Weird didn't has a single clue why are they meeting at the library for. They are always clueless and senseless.

At Queenstown, Weird was already waiting there for her. She was fidgeting and walking round and round the place to pass her dumb dumb time. She looked at almost every human that walked past her until she saw Weirdest, whom made a dumb dumb faces at her to indicate it was indeed the Weirdest had arrived.

Weird and Weirdest were making their way to the library. Along the way, they were chatting about the same old dumb dumb thing. Weirdest was hungry and so does Weird so they decided to satisfy their stomach by going to the nearest coffeshop to have their lunch.

Weird was so hungry that she finished every bits and pieces of the food that could be found on the plate. Weirdest looked bewildered and asked, "Are you that hungry?" Weird looked at Weirdest with her mouth full and answered, "Yea, I have not eaten anything since morning".

After lunch, they proceed on. Both of them step into the library like as it was the first time they saw a air-conditioner library. They went to the second floor and browse through a few books.

Weird found some nice design books and together they went through a series of the design book. "Wowowow! Imagine we can use all this design on our t-shirt, we could be millionaire," said Weird. "That's for sure, with my smarty brain and your greatest brain," answered Weirdest. Both of them happily borrowed the books back.

Out of the library, Weirdest suggested that they should go to Ikea to pass the rest of their dumb dumb time. On the way to the bus stop, they met 2 school boys approaching them. One of the school boy ask, "Hey, is there bus 51 here? Does it go to Queensway shopping centre?" Being the smartest, Weirdest was quick to answer, "yes". The 2 school boys thank Weirdest and scolded his friend for being so dumb. Weird looked amused and told Weirdest, "Wow! There are far more dumb people than us!"
They laughed and continue to walk.

Weirdest suddenly stopped along the way and came out with a dumb dumb idea, "If we take a bus there, it will be too expensive. Let's walk there, shall we?" Weird agreed and the two continue their journey.

When they reached a junction, they stopped. Both of them were wondering, should they walked striaght or turn left. "According to my senses, we should walk straight," said Weirdest. So they continue walking straight.

As they walked on, they realized that they were walking the wrong way! "Oh no! You have no sense at all! We should just turned left," Weird complaint and knocked Weirdest's head a few times with her hand. They started bickering at each other as they walked on.

"Oh my! This place looks so new to me," Weirdest exclaimed. Weird was equally excited and said:"Yeayea! Look over there, the trees and the grass. WOW! I never see such a place that looks so 'nature'"

1 hour later, they finally saw a huge building that said, "IKEA". "OMG! We finally reached our destination," Weirdest cried out. Both of them cried and hug together

After that they settled down and have their wonderful dinner together. What a day for the weird and weirdest.

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