Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just Friday

Hmm... I went to the A3 office with Noon, HB, Jo, Dex and...MANGO. LOL. I won't go into details about what we did so I shall just comment about each and everyone of them... I doubt I have anything to say about HB and Dex.

Mango really looks like a China man!!! When I first saw him, inside my heart, I was like. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!" The way he speaks is so soft!!!!!! Although he don't sounds like a girl, he speaks too gentle!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Will I find another guy like him? I just can't help but to laugh inside whenever he is talking.

Then when we were at the Lau Pa Sat, he kept asking us if we wanted to buy drinks. None of us wanted any drinks. So Mango went to buy alone. When he came back, he bought a can of apple juice, 2 cups of ice and 6 straws!!! Then he put 3 straws in each cup and expected us to share!! Everyone was so speechless.

At the Lau Pa Sat, we will trying to find a seat and Jo was there being so "gu niang"!!! When we found a seat, Jo decided to find another place to seat instead! The reason he gave was, "here not under the fan, very hot." Everyone was looking at him when he said that. Even the girls were not complaining! HAHA. The moment Jo saw Dex arrived, he said this to me, "Wah, Dex has grown fat!" Muahaha. Jo is such a mean person but I do agree with him. I was like, "Huh? That's him?" Haha. OK, we two are bad people.

Then at the Coffee bean, this uncle wanted to sit inside the air-conditional place, whereas the rest wanted to sit outside. The weather that day was cool so why not? There he went, "outside so hot." Sound so feminine or I should say...SISSY! Haha.

Super duper chao tiko! I can't stand him! HAHAHA! He kept saying those dirty things. I wonder how his gf stand him. I shall not comment further.

Argh! I decided not to do anyth re-cap. I'm tired and lazy!

Anyway, before I end this entry, I just wanna say... No matter how many zillions friends out there, I still put Monsters in my first slot. I wonder if some people do the same? Or else I will change to " No matter how many zillions friends out there, I still put Greeny in my first slot". HAHAHA.

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.
You pull punches, but people still love you.

"Pull your punches" - Yea, this idioms suits me.

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