Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Never judge a book by its cover

Never again
I finally got to got the freaking schedule sheet from her. You know what? In return, she asked me to print this and that for her. Fuck it. I told myself that this gonna be the last time. NEVER AGAIN! When I met her and after she gave me the paper, we have a short chat. I pretend like nothing has ever happen. She asked me if I'm going to take part time course for my diploma. I told her 'no' and she was like "Aiya, why? Take the same as me la." Inside my heart, I was so glad that I am not going to meet you again! I always think that you're nice but well..."ren bu ke mao siang".

I'm so in love with the Brokeback mountain!! I'm gonna buy the book no matter what >.<
Anyway, I was trying to do a new layout for my lj. Yea, that stupid journal that I have not been touching for months. I totally lurrrve the new layout. It's featuring none other than Jake Gyllenhaal! I actually wanted to use Heath Ledger's photos to do but er.. It didn't turns out the way I wanted. Haha. I have not been touching on those html and graphics for so long. I'm getting rusty on such stuffs. Oh no!!!

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