Friday, March 31, 2006

Sweaty and sticky day with the Monz

The end of us?

Yesterday, the Monsters went to ECP to sweat again! I doubt we will lose any weight simply because we eat too much food after that. Haha. The most funny things was probably the bicycle that we rented.

The bicycle no. for me was '48', SPY was '54' and grassy was '44'. To read them in chinese, '48' means 'Go and die', '58' means 'I die' and '44' means 'die die'. OMG! Help! Help! Are we dying soon? Why is there such a coincidence?! LOL.

The nerd, the geek and the crab
After cycling, it was rather a boring day at grassy's house BUT... not until she took out the Boogle to play!!!!! Guess what...I AM THE TOP SCORER! Muahaha! I got a total of 62 points. Well, most of the words that I came up with were usually not more than 4-5 words. Hmmm... The word that make me the most proud of wat 'geek'. LOL. It just remind me of the Jason Maraz song's 'geek in the pink'. On the other side, that SPY was a real nerdy hero!!! Sounds like Chicken little? LOL. She actually could come up with some "chim" words that grassy and I didn't think of. Salute SPY! As for the greeny grass....I got nothing to say. She is sooo CRABBY! Kekeke!

Opps! I peep at her album again!
Hmmm... Grassy told me not to look her album but do I care? =x Hahaha! I saw she wrote something like her bestfriends in her primary school days were blah... Chujie and Chun Li. Yea, that's the girl that I wanna say.

Chun Li used to be my best friends when we were in Primary 1-2. Or I should say, Chun Li, Jia Qian and me were best friends during those days. However, when we were in primary 3, I went to the average class, Jia Qian went to the most lousy class and Chun Li went to the best class. Blah...Later we were no longer close. Maybe it's due to our intelligence? LOL. Maybe yes. That time, I felt that Chun Li has change ever since she was in the best class. Hm... Kinda look down on the average and the lousy? I have no idea. I could be wrong. She is a nice person after all.

Hooohaaa.. Grassy we used to share the same good friends? LOL.

I couldn't thnking of some photos. LOL!

My Lolo is on the extreme left. Yea, you can say he don't look good but well...It's the first time I ever see him take such kind of photos! LOL. Nonethess, he still looks better when he is on the pitch.

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