Friday, March 24, 2006

Monsters Outing

Yeehaa! The full summary is over here. Haha.

Burn baby burn!
Yawn! I actually wake up at 9:30am to bathe!!!Cycling at East coast park was fun but looking at how SPY ridding the bicycle was even more entertaining!!!! At the end of 2 hours ride, I think she somehow manage to balance her bicycle. When she master it, I think we could have a monsters race. Hahahaha.

After the 2 hours ride, the scorching sun is making us turning darker and darker. Grassy should be very happy because if she get darker, she can match with her "own race". Right Grassy? Haha.

Beads beads beads
We were making out bracelet after we came back from ECP. I wonder if Grassy's room is now full of beads. Haha. Hello Grassy! Jealous of my bracelet ma? LOL. It's so fun to tease her.

Oh Geylang, Geyland!
At night, we somehow went to tour around all the Lorong at Geyland while we looked for food. It was interesting to see the prostitutes hanging around the corridor looking for customers. Sometime when you look at these girls, I wonder if I should pity them or not. Hm... Maybe I should pity those wife whose husband went out to fool around with other girls. Next week, we will be going to ECP again so I don't mind walking around those area again. LOL.

Holy food!
After 1 hour of walking, we finally settled down at a coffee shop which is soooooo near to Grassy's house. -_- We ordered fried prawn noodle and carrot cake. SPY decided to call them the holy food. Hahaha. I finished all the holy food and now I'm wondering when I will become God again.

I was somehow addicted to the show that was showing on the TV. I was interested to know what is going to happen next and suddenly, SPY asked me something like, "What have you explore in Geyland?" So without a second thoughts, I answered her, "girls". Hahha. That stupid Grassy said I sounded like as if I'm thinking in the point of view of a man.

Yawnz. It was a tiring day but Im loving it!

It seems like everywhere we go, we will see catssssssssss. Plus, Grassy can speaks cat language!! So scary! Anyway, there is a more scary thing. This woman is so inhumane. After doing her act, she actually went to upload those photos. Poor cat T.T

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