Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random things

Purple Monster's birthday
14th March was SPY's 18th birthday. My oh my! I always thought it is 13th March. Maybe 13th sounds nicer. LOL. I'm too lazy to type, the summary of the day is all here. Well, we were really happy that day. This does sum up everything.

Teacher Kristin!!
I went back to Kanooka schoolhouse yesterday. I'm so happy that my old k2 class keep calling me when they see me =D I must be a lovable teacher. Muahaha.

Brokeback Mountain
This is helluva great movie! Actually, it's a R21 movie and I am not suppose to watch it but well, I did it my way to watch it. Haha. Wonder why it's a R21 movie? Okay, it's because it's a gay movie -_- Whatever it is, the whole show is so touching. The stroyline is really fab. I almost cry while watching. My only regret is that there is no Chinese sub title so I don't get some of the important lines that they say. The Americans accent is fine but Heath Ledger's Aussie accent is killing my ears. Most of the time, I think he is like mumbling to himself.

Usually, I prefer to watch comedy or horror movie. When it comes to action or romantic movie, I usually don't watch it. This is like the first time that I ever bother to watch a romantic movie. I remembered Lisa told me this is a helluva great movie and I MUST watch it. Luckily, I did listen to her. Haha. Maybe Heath Ledger is another reason why I wanna watch it. LOL.

I really love the part when Ennis (Heath Ledger) went to Jack's (Jake Gyllenhaal) house after he died. He went to his room and found the clothes that they used to wear while herding the sheep. He took the clothes and saw the blood stain (They were fighting and punching each other before they left brokeback mountain. haha.) and he almost broke into tears. You know that scene just wanna make people cry. T.T

Anyway, here have several quotes that I really like. Hm... I guess the best quotes for me was...

Jack Twist: Tell you what. The truth is... sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.

When he was saying it, his expression was so awww... I couldn't even describe. I really take my hats off to these 2 actors. They are really brilliant!

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