Monday, January 9, 2006

Where I am from? -_-

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It's the same old question.

When I was in the ladies, I met one of my lecturer. Out of concern (I hope so), she asked me about the condition of my handphone and so I replied her. Blah... On the way back to my classroom, she suddenly pop out this question, "Where are you from?" I was puzzled, in my mind I was thinking..."Huh? You asking which secondary I am from or which primary school?" Haha. So I looked at her and gave her a puzzled look. She then asked me again, "are you local?" I replied her that I was local and somehow I gave her a kind of look that why she said that. Then she said:"because of her your accent..." Then she left. This is the 3rd time that someone asked me this question!!!!!!! What about my accent? Sounds like what?! -_-'''

By the way, here is the good piece of news.... MY HANDPHONE IS OK NOW! Yesterday,I was told that my handphone still can be use but the ringtones will no longer works. Then today, I went to collect the handphone. The lady there told me that my handphone was beyond repair! I was SO DAMN SAD!! When I reached home, I tried charging my phone and tested every function and everything works!!!! -_-'''

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