Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Backstreet's back alright!

Music: Backstreet Boys - Climbing the walls

Scream, baby, screaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm. Last night concert was splendid! My only regrets was my lousy camera! I should have borrow a better camera from my friends. *sob* The photos I took didn't come out very well. They looked way too tiny in the photos. *sob* Anyway, Im gonna flame the operator from sistics!!! Bloody hell! I booked the tickets 2 days (around 1st Dec 2005) after they released the sales of the tickets. The person told my mum that ALL the front row seats are taken and so we got 2 seats at row 27 and that's so damn far . My friend, Letchmi, bought the tickets at 26th December and she got 2 seats at row 7!!!! WTF? $@#$#%^@$^#$% I WANT TO COMPLAIN!!! ARGH! Im so damn mad!

Back to the concert... OMG! It's a childhood dream come true? Hahaha. I'm so excited when the stadium's lights went out. Everyone was screaming and shouting. Before the boys came out, those poeple who stood infront of me was blocking my view, some even stood on the chair!!!! So I did the same or else I can't see anything but in the end, the security asked us to step down =p

When I saw Nick & co. I was just about to die. Gosh...It's like...OMG I have never see them LIVE before!!! They started the concert with the song, the call.

I couldn't remeber the order of all the songs they sang but well here's a list of the songs they sang last night.

1. I want it that way
2. Show me the meaning of being lonely
3. Quit playing games (with my heart)
4. Larger than life
5. The one
6. Drowning
7. Beautiful woman
8. Siberia
9. Incomplete
10. Shape of my heart
11. Crawling back to you
12. Climbing the walls
13. Weird world
14. I still
15. Just want you to know
16. The call
17. Everybody (backstreet's back)

I was surprise that they sang Siberia... not just because it is not a single from the ablum......It's because that was my favourite song from the album, Never gone. LOL.

Anyway here are some of the funny moments that I remembered:

Brian was making some funny faces while he talked to the fans. He is so damn cute! Haha! I really envy his wife.... I couldn't remember what he said but luckily I get to record some of it on my handphone. After that he asked Nick to use his guitar to play a song for us. Brian then pulled Nick's ear because Nick said that he could not do it. LOL. After that, Nick asked the audience if we have heard of the band, Nirvana. For sure, those people were screaming, 'yes', regardless they really know or now. Then he asked again if we know the songs, 'Smell like a teen spirit'. Alright the fans did the same thing by saying, 'yes'. Just FYI, I really know the band and the song. LOL. He then sang the chorus of the songs and expected the audience to sing along. Well, you know... I bet most fans didn't know the actual lyrics (ME TOO! LOL) so when Nick put the mic to the audience, the singing from the us were rather soft. Then Nick said, "Ok, good try." LOL.

Towards the end of the concert, Kevin told the audience that the band was going to sing the first single from their lastest album. He said something like this, "We are going to sing the song from our lastest album, Never gone, and the song is 'Never gone'." After hearing that, the rest of the members looked very confused. Kevin then joked and said, "it's 'Incomplete'" Then they all started laughing. He was so funny.

They then ended the concert with the last encore song, 'Everybody (Backstreet's back). *sob* The 2 hours concert seems to be wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too short. Before I went home, I actually ran with the crowd to catch the last glismpe of the boys. Awww.. What a day.

I really have a great time singing along with the crowds...including screaming and shouting. Haha! I really really hope they will come again...Hopefully...... If they ever come again, I swear that no matter what, I will go all the way down to Kallang there to book the tickets instead of using the phone to call.

Some lousy photos below:

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