Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Smoke to your graveyard

Music: 50 cent - Candy shop

I went to Art friend to buy some stuffs for my art assignment. Along the way, there were so many smokers!!!!! It stinks so much! I wonder what are these people thinking? Smoking looks cool? Smoking help you to distress?? No way man, it's all bullshit. -_-

No matter what campaign the government introduce or whatever talks that we have in school, it seem to be totally useless. Does those people really care about what will happen to their lungs and brains in the future? Do they really bother that going to suffer from cancer sooner of later? Do they really know I am a victims because I have become a passive-smoker....How I wish this world will be a smoke-free place to live in. Anyway, on my way home, I saw Li Nanxing ex-wife. Haha

I have been tied down by assignments! *yawn* I have not been getting enough sleep. Every morning, I just don't wish to get up!!!

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