Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wake up!

I feel so tired at the moment! I have too much of work/school/games. Everyday, I just feel like sleeping. Haha. By the way, I have change the header. Well, I know the whole layout is still like black, white, gray and more gray because I think that's how my life is at the moment. It's just so dull and repetitive. That is also why when I posted some pictures it has colors! That's only the time when my lifeless blog got something interesting to show. Anyway, I'm bored of this layout.

Today, I told my dad that when I finish my DBA course, I wish to take the advance diploma. I might consider to take the full time which I can complete the course in 9 months whereas compare to the part time, I will need to take another 1 year and 2 months. By then, I think I'm already dying. The my dad told me to save some money because by then I won't be having any income. He then added that I can keep the $X that I always give him every month as he is still working and has some income. I felt very touch at that moment. You may think it's nothing but my dad is always so understanding but somehow I will feel very bad if I didn't give him any money. =/

Anyway, last night my mum came home and told us that her right eye wasn't feeling very good. It was like she will keep having a slight pinch of pain. There was also some discharge kept coming out from her eyes. It really don't looks good. I told her to call the doctor asap as he is off duty on weekend -_- When we were having the conversation, I looked at her eyses and expressions , I can tell that she is worried. I really hope she will be fine.

Life is just so sucky these days. Things are always not very going very well at work and plus all those above. *sigh* Someone please bring back some sunshine for me. =(

I shall go and bathe now and do some homework.

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