Monday, July 9, 2007


Is this date really that special? Then maybe I should get married on 12.12.12. Haha. Anyway, nothing much to update. Boo hoo hoo.

Some bad new from my mother. Recently, she went for checkup because she felt the side of her eye has a little pinch of pain. After the checkup, the doctor said she has some 'eye problem'. I'm not sure about the scientific terms. She has to go for treatment or even some injection near the eye. That sound pretty scary huh.

I was a little worried for her that day when I hear the news so I actually went to internet to search stuffs regarding this illness. Thankfully, it is not some cancerous illness. It's something that can be cure but it takes a longer time. This will also means that she has to spent more money on medical fees. Why does this has to happen? Even though the doctor mentioned that she should has go for the checkup earlier because the 'thing' in her eye is quite big but on the happier side it's good that it's still not too late or else we won't know what will happen next.

Anyway, I saw Siang Long again on Saturday. Then on Sun, he left a comment on my friendster:

(part of the comment)
Whrz the BIG SIS who alwayz stood up for me laz time has now transformed into a PRETTY GIRL sia! LOL

Eh. I seriously cannot remember I got stood up for him before or what but I can remember I always stood up for justice. Haha. I always thought I should be born as a boy when I'm young. Haha.

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