Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Samantha!

For a moment I hesitate to type this as I don't know if someone out there will read my blog, misinterpret the content and message me, questions me or start scolding people. Nonetheless, this is my life... I have no control of others' life. 

Anyway, here's how it all goes for Sam's birthday celebration on the 15th & 16th (together with JW)...

It all started off with a simple conversation with Samantha about what is the MOST romantic things your bf has done for you. I can't remember what is her answer but irregardless I decided to do something "ROMANTIC" for her. Lol! The project is a success! Thanks to all lovely and awesome peeps! =D

I brought the light sticks so I just lepak 1 corner and see them doing it.

Sam surprise look when she saw the heart shape. LOL! 

The happy girl! 

She said that now she has to marry me. LOL! But I didn't propose to her! 
2 tiny taking pic.
The celebration continue! Hope she enjoy the BODY SHOT! LOL! 

Dont worry its not submarine. Its only Jagger Bomb.

Good night, JW.  
Nice cleavage there. Haha! 
Everyone have a enjoyable  & fun night together. We promised to disturbed each and everyone when its their birthday! HAHA. WATCH OUT PEOPLE! 

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