Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy moments!

I was looking through all the photos in my external HDD and so here I am decided to recap on the happy things I did for the first half of 2014. Even no one will be reading this, I will still blog it so I can laugh at myself 10 years later.


Aye! This is so cute to the max!! 

Borrowed a cap, just to look cool. 


Thank you for celebrating my birthday =) 

Photo taken when Im in Venice, Italy. I bought this cute little hat last year when I went shopping with Erykca. Hehe! That time Chris gave me $200 or $300 (I can't remember) to spend because I have been working hard for them T_T *So touch*

Anyway, the best thing about being Asian is that we CAN ACT CUTE & BE CUTE! Hahaha! I won't dare to wear this in Singapore but I can act cute and wore this when Im oversea! Hehe! I walked past a food store and the store owner was like, "Hello kitty!" It was very funny and of cos its fun to get abit of an attention. Muahaha!

Im on top of the world! Im at one of the taller mountain in Switzerland. Wish to go back there someday with the real who will truly love and treasure me.

Hehe ^_^

1 of the funny day when I went drinking with  SPY and her male friend. He basically just died somewhere after the "On the Rock Challenge". HAHA~ Poor SPY had to go around searching for him.


In the month of March! I just think I look very cool with outfit. Hmmm....

Event at a club near St James. Pretty fun to work in at at place whereby its not a ballroom setting ^_^

Went to drink with SPY after the event! This picture of her was really funny! I wonder what is she trying to do at that point of time. LOL!

Nicer photo of us together.  Hehe! 

Kanna molest. *sigh* Hahaha! 

Like my little badass look after I shaved my side of my hair. Hehe! 

Got style anot? HAHA! 

Went for the stupid carvival event organised by Power 98FM and didn't win anything. Haha! 

Fried food! 

I think we are out of our mind to order ALL the finger food in the menu. LOL! 


Im having a blast trying to make Tofu drunk! HAHA! She is really cute when shes drunk =p


A rare chance that I get to wear a super thick hoodie in Singapore. 

Just trying to look like some cool dude in an anime. 

A fun day times during event. I purposely asked everyone to bring a cap for photo taking. Hehe! 


Celebrating friend's birthday was fun. Especially when comes to the planning and doing things together. The pumping of the balloons was so tedious! Next time I shall borrow the balloon pump from the office! LOL!


SPY having a fun dance with Ken made my day =D

That's all folks! 

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hazel said...

Ehem, let me explain, that funny pic was on purpose! LOL

Everytime just post and cheese ^^ abit boring ma..

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