Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello 2014!

Its already 2014 and I have yet to post anything. Okay, I shall start with my 2014 resolutions:

1) train up my leadership skills
2) "choosing the right path" 

I guess thats all! No. 2 is just something for myself to know. 

Anyway, 1st day of Jan didnt start off very well. I went party with SPY and several other people. It started off ok (at least for me. Lol) Then the night ended with my J's friend fighting with another stranger guy because of woman or man's ego? It started off because of a woman but things doesnt resolve because of a man's ego. Oh well.... If the man can keep his hands to himself, things wont turn out this way.

Other than this fighting, J's bro got punch in the face from a bouncer for no good reason. Seriously, I think Toxic's bouncer can do better than that. A bouncer is supposed to maintain the safety and not creating troubles. Poor thing.

Oh what a night. Lol! Anyway, at least I think I have learn something between friends (esp me and spy) Apart from that, the scene of J whispering things in my ear keep on repeating in my head. Hehe! Come to think about it, its not a bad New Year after all. 

So heres a chio chio pics of us that day. Im still trying to get the group photo pic of us (without that fighting guy) haha! 

Alot of bad things happen after that. Im trying my best to walk in the correct path or should I say, im trying my best to see what I really want. :/ 

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Nick said...

hello 2014 :P

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