Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My earning finally hit over S$50!

My earning for nuffnang finally hit over S$50! I did not blog regularly so it is definitely a great news to me!  Thanks to whoever has ever click on my ads =)

Anywya, the weather sucks, it is so humid and makes me feel like sleeping everyday! It makes my brain dead! I can't think of anything to blog or even study for my coming exams! Another reason that I have not been blogging is because I found a new and better microblogging platform - Tumblr!! It is somewhat like a combination of twitter and blogger. I will probbaly talk more about it next time. 

Adding a irrelevant funny picture from tumblr to end my entry. 

 Kendra Bing stop trolling around others blog to advertise your site! 


Kelvin said...

Woohooo, congrats ^_^

Do u have a link to ur tumblr?

Zazabong said...

Didnt know tt kendra bing goes around on your blog too!!! Alright, shall not give much mention and make him/her a popular 'troll' as you call it. Anw, CONgrats on earning!! =D

Jean said...

great news! keep blogging!

Have a nice day! =)

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sirei said...

LOLed at the pics XD
congrats to you too :)

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