Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Be thankful for what you have

Before you start to complain about anything that you don't have, just stop and look at what is happening in Japan, Libya or New Zealand. Regardless if it is natural disaster or human destruction, there are many people dying, injured, homeless, not having enough food to eat and etc. You are probably sitting comfortably on your chair, reading my blog so please be thankful and appreciate what you have right now.

Also, you better don't complaint that my drawing of the iphone and the computer sucks! Haha! Jk =p


thomas said...

All of a sudden lots of people are living a hundred years backward without all the basic necessity
and it can happen anywhere,anytime
so be thankful for whatever we have today.
Thks for visiting my place.

Zazabong said...

Tt was cheeky of you - the last sentence abt not complaining abt ur drawing. :P

U r right though. We should stop whining for every small thing.

TaMy said...

wahhhhh!!! makes me so wanna visit universal studio!!!! anyway, my "idea" of betty boop wasnt quite much like the betty boop ur bf took the pic wif... -_-" and that pharoah guy, damn cool can!!! great post! cheers!! =D and thks for dropping by my blog! ;)

Kelvin said...

...thats an iphone?


Soh Hong Wei said...

Nice post!

Appreciate what you have right now, and of course show care + concern to people around you!


sirei said...

u drew those? if so, they are freaking nice! :D

yeah, ppl should seriously stop shouting FMLFMLFML.

suki pooki said...

I completely agree with those post and I will stop bugging my bf about not having a chanel bag.....for the rest of the day lol

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