Friday, April 15, 2011

Start valuing your loved ones before they leave you for good

I have not been blogging because my grandma passed away recently and I don't have the time and mind to blog.

I just want to rant something about my this stupid aunt. At the cremation place ( I am not sure what is it call) one of my auntie cried like a mad woman. She yelled and nearly fainted. I was really like WTF! If you really love your mum, you should always be filial to her, buy her the food that she wants to eat and etc when she is still alive! I feel that this auntie is such a great ACTOR! I hate her!

My mom told me that just 1 week before my grandma passed away, this auntie actually complaint to my grandma and said my grandma was very troublesome blah blah. All along I know this auntie is not very filial to my grandma. So why bother to cry like as if you love your mother alot? It just an act! A stupid act to show other relatives how filial she is!

May my grandma rest in peace. 


Kelvin said...

Should let me sis read this post...she have been treating home like a hotel.

Anonymous_X said...

My heartfelt condolences.

PS. Your auntie might be crying that bad due to her regret (for not being filial to your grandma)?

Zazabong said...

Condolences, may your grandma rest in peace.

On another note, I guess we all have similar aunties like yours. Always pretending to be what they are not and good at being busybodies, unfilial etc etc.

Anw, don't be too sad. What matters is how good you've been to your grandma while she was alive. :)

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