Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Trip with Grassy & SPY - Day 2 & 3

Taking pics early in the morning. Hehe!

Free buffet breakfast from the hotel =)

We then have our lunch back @ Berjaya Times Square's Papa Johns. The pizzas there are nice and cheap~

See! Only RM 63.70 for 3 person!

Later in the evening we bought donuts to eat =)

Loot of the day ~

Bought 3 slippers. Haha!~

Night time we went to try the chicken wing from Wong Ah Wah, which alot people said its nice.

Overall, I think its still ok, quite nice to eat.

Last day at KL

Last morning buffet from the hotel.

Haha! I like the sign in the train, especially the 2nd guy. It really looks as though as the man is pregnant! The first one is funny too. It looks like the kid is fucking the father =X

The twin tower! This time my lx3 can take the full image as compare to

KFC for lunch ~

This sign on the plane is cute. Read the words!

and its time to go back home to Singapore ~


RJ said...

hi hi, guess u had a great time in KL.


Personal Trainer Singapore said...

hey!! this is a very nice blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience here. hope you never give up. keep it up.

Kevin said...

Dropping by :)

Is it nice to drop by Kuala Lumpur?

You have got quite many things here, I see :)


ting said...

wah bo jio.. -.-""""

Kristin said...

Ting: U MIA lehz ~ Cant find you -.-

ting said...

really??? i jus grad le.. gt my results gt my degree le.. no one call
me lez.. :( orh.. seems fun.. :)

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