Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chill out at Paulaner

It's my first time going to Paulaner for drinking. I don't drink actually. It's not my things but well I still have a super awesome time with them! Especially the part where we get to sabotage each other to eat those disgusting food.

Sheryl & Weiqi

The gay couple... ... Nah im just kidding! haha

*tries to act cute* the guys feel this picture makes them looks so gay!

Weiqi, Sheryl & me =D

If you watched 'Maroon 5 - Misery' MTV before, you will know what they are trying to do. Haha

Ken and Han Wei.

Pizza with CHILI SAUCE and LOTSA of tabasco!!!! We play "chai quan", loser will eat this!!

yeh! I managed to guess the correct number and Andre MUST EAT THAT!

Look at that priceless expression after eating the HOT HOT pizza. Haha!

Next.... the lose must eat this black pepper. Weiqi ate this in the end...

This is more disgusting! Its garlic mixed with some sauce and beer!

HAHA! Ken lost and gotta eat this!

He and his super "buay song" face. haha!

Epic look!

1 of the live band there. The girl on the left has a nice voice. I like the guy's voice too. He sounds like Jon Bon Jovi!!

This is super disgusting too! I can't remember what shit they add to this. Lol!

Hanwei ate damn fast but still he can't escape my camera.

Drink drink!!!

This one is too shy to face the camera.

I have an awesome day with them and booo! It's back to work tomorrow! =/

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sirei said...

woots! that girl really can drink!
i never try drinking beer from a big jug XD

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