Monday, July 5, 2010

This is how I spend the GST package $

Last Wednesday, those Singaporean who are eligible for the GST package will received a certain amount of money and I got $200 from it. So I'm gonna make a post on how I spent it. Lol!

A cute pink, semi-transparent pouch to my my makeup and stuff - $2 from Daiso

Anna Sui - Flight of fantasy perfume - $59.00 from a shop in Far East plaza

I treat Da Xiang at The Asian Kitchen. The rice was awesome and the roast duck too! Too bad I didn't bring my camera along. I shall re-introduce the food again when I bring my camera along the next time =) The price was pretty affordable. Only $35 for 2 pax. But I only pay for $30. Hehe! Da Xiang paid $5.

I also bought a$9 mattress protector from Ikea and $5 vest from Cotton On. I never spend alot right? Haha! Apparently, I still got about $100 left. I'm not sure what I'm gonna buy next. I so feel like buying a daybed, white paint to re-paint my room etc etc... I guess $200 is too little. After all the GST we have been paying, $200 is only what we get in return -__________-


Nana Eddy said...

*uhuk *uhuk sick brat dropping by for visit *hatchoo!

keLiCious said...

**Foot Print**
Thanks for visiting!

Kelvin said...

I got 250 ^_^
But gone after a day...

Kelvin said...
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