Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Project K: My oh-so-called interesting days!

I'm gonna start my own project called, Project K! *act serious*

Blahhh.... Im not serious about it, this stupid project is just something that I'm gonna showcase about what I'm doing everyday when I'm not working. Lol. So boring right? Wahaha! Maybe I will put what I cooked or eat everyday! Sounds so much better! I'm such a food person! *yum*

Day 1: 1st December

Chunky - Chicken with vegetable for my lunch =P

Lala. Guess whatm this is for my dinner! You must be thinking this is for my breakfast right?! Wahaha.

Ingredients: Eggs, cheese, bread, oil

Shred the bread, ham & cheese and put it in a bowl. Crack 2 eggs and mixed!

Pour it into the hot pan with oil and start frying ~ ! I fee like I'm frying chai tao kuay. LOL

Tadaaaah! Here's the end result! Don't ask me what is this call. It's just nice to eat =P

Oh also the be I also got my fuji instax mini 7 on Tues!!!!!!!!!! 1 camera + 2 packs of film cost $125. I actually don't intend to buy but some kind soul decided to pay 1/2 of it so why not? Wee! I'm so happy! Anyway, I bought it from spree republic =) If you are also getting it,you should get it from her too. I believe it's cheaper to buy it from her supplier than getting it from the shop.

My first photo taken using my instax mini 7 =D

Day 2: 2nd December

I went to eat Thai Express with my mama! We decided to use the 1 for 1 voucher =)

While waiting for our food, I keep looking at the log cake that Swensen is selling. Lol.

Khao Kluk Kapi Talay
Fragrant shrimp paste fried rice with seafood

Gai Phat Pet Ched Nam Ta
Yellow Ginger Chicken Rice

I will never ever order this again! It's damn super duper spicy!!!!! -__________-


After that I went NTUC with my mama and I saw this signboard. So cute. Wahaha! It's the turkey season! Oops! I mean Christmas season!!!

Lala! I got this FOC for buying Yakult!

My supper! Hehe.


kenwooi said...

hey the thing you cook..
i think im gonna try it..
looks simple.. and yummy! =D

Kelvin said...

isn't the bread oily the way u cook it?

ahmad said...

me tooo...yum-yum

BabyMocha said...

I want foods :) I'm food person too LOL

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