Sunday, December 6, 2009

Project K: It's a fried rice day!

Day 3: 3rd December

Woo wee! This is MY FIRST TIME trying to cook fried rice! How amazing? Haha.

Here are the ingredients: Left over rice from yesterday (for fried rice, it's will be better to use the rice the you cooked the day before.) , crab meat, 2 eggs, ham, cabbage, oil, light and dark soy sauce.

Lala ~ Cut the crab meat, ham and cabbage.

Put oil in the frying pan and put the rice in.

Crack 2 eggs in.

Pour in all the ingredients which include the light & dark soy sauce. I didn't add alot of soy sauce as I don't like food that are too salty.

Tadaaaah!! Done =D

Wee! Ready to be serve! According to my papa & sis, they said my food passed! Wahaha! =P


Esther said...

:) first time? hehe you've crossed over one obstacle! i hvn't gotten pass this obstacle yet heheh..

Joyce C. said...

So simple! Did it taste okay?

theeggyolk said...

hi! It feels great to cook right ;) just a little tips, you should fried your ingredients 1st especially those meaty stuff. Then your eggs, rice and finally the vegetables :D

jfook said...

I think you should crack the eggs in before adding the rice. :) Just a piece of suggestion.

Soh Hong Wei said...

Hi, good job!
It must be very tasty.. =)

I always love fried rice, and a must: you must use left over rice ; it will taste better. lol =)

Keep cooking!

Kelvin said...

wah looks very delicious to me^^
U like butter?
next time u can try frying the egg with butter until 1/2 cook and take it out.
Put another teaspoon of butter to fry the ingredients 1st then add the rice in. Pour in the egg last. And just add some salt will do.

It will smell and taste very nice:)

haha, i sounds like a chef do i?

SJ said...

crab sticks are deli

A smile from SJ =)

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