Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The day my chin became ugly...

I injured my chin last Sunday. You wanna know why? Here's how I injured myself... *SIGH*

I was mopping the floor. I was done with mopping my room then I saw some blacky stuff on the floor so I decided to walk back in to my room and re-mop it. Then there it goes... I fell ='( I don't feel any pain at first, so I tried to get up but I can't!!!! Then I shouted for my sister. My dad came in to my room first followed by my sis and mum.

I saw blood coming from somewhere... I THOUGHT I BROKE MY TOOTH & I THOUGHT THE BLOOD IS COMING FROM MY MOUTH!! Luckily, my teeth are fine. *phew* I think I tore my skin and therefore it bleeds. I doubt there's any sharp object on the floor.

I was first sent to a nearby clinic but later the doctor said I need to go hospital for stitches. Booo hoo! I was scared! I thought it was just a minor cut ='( Well, I guess I was brave enough to face it. *Sigh*

@ NUH, the doctor cleanse the cut and I tell you it's DAMN PAIN!!After that, he gimme a numb injection (I don't know wth is it called. Lol) then he started the stitching... I got 3 stitches in total! *Sob* I never want to go through this again ='(

My sis took this photo. This is a scary experience which gonna taught me as a lesson for life.

Q-number. Maybe I can go buy 4D.

@ NUH. The sign board on the procedures...


Joshu@law said...

Aww...hope you recover soon! =)

If it comes in pink said...

That's too bad, hope you feel better soon! I got bitten by a dog last week and my face looked terrible (especially my eye), but it's much better now:)

Stephen said...

I read NUH EMD as NUH "EMO". TSK TSK!!!