Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Southern Ridges Walk

Some overdue photos. My family went for the Southern Ridges walk last Sunday! So here are the photos =)

My sis! Alexandra Arch at the back

I wonder what my father is pointing at.

The canopy walk.

This looks like a MRT track to me. Haha.

My lovely parent! =) Taking photo @ the entrance of the hilltop walk. My sis and her hubby took a similar photo but the photo didn't turn out to be very nice. Their faces looks very dark. Argh! My lousy camera! I want my Lumix LX3!

At the Henderson wave! I wonder what is my father looking at again. Hmmm

Looks like a skeleton backbone.

The merlion.

I love these trees. It's called 松树 if i'm not wrong. It makes me feel like Im at some other county. Hehe.

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Stephen said...

There is a Merlion there too?? How come I did not notice it when I was there. tsk tsk!!

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