Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm dying and the cashier lady from 7 eleven still tried to cheat my money!

I got driving at 9:50am today so I'm supposed to get my butt off the bed @ 8am but my lazy ass only managed to carry itself up by 8:30am. Hehe. When I got out of my house, I walked very quickly and I think I walked wayyyy to fast and began to feel really out of breath! I feel like oxygen is running away from me so I slowed down my pace and went to 7-11 to buy a bar of chocolate and a drink.

I took a mango juice & a bar of chocolate and paid at the counter. The cashier lady told me that if I bought another chocolate bar, it will only cost me additional of 50cent and it's very worth it. However, I was listening to my mp3 and so I didn't really know what she was talking. Then she repeat again, this time I then removed my earpiece.

So I went to take another bar of chocolate. The total is $3.50. I gave the lady $10 and after that I found a 50cent in my wallet then I told the lady I will give her the 50cent so she just need to return me $7 and so I stood there and wait.

The lady closed her cashier box and hand me a $2 note! I looked at her and she looked at me back. Then she asked me, "correct?" Then I told her, "No! I gave you $10 notes." Then she started to panic and she mumbled something to the another cashier lady beside her then she went to take a calculator.

(please note that after the cashier box is close, you can't open it again unless there's another transaction.)

She randomly pressing some nonsensical numbers and said, "I need to know how much is the total." I told her that it's $3.50 but she seems to ignore me and she went to look at the receipt. She then asked me again, "You give me $5 right?" I was fuming inside but I calmly told her that I give her $10 and another 50cent so she just need to return me another $5 on top of that $2 that she has already given me.

Then she went on pressing her calculator then she asked me, "I give to $2 right?" Then I answered, "Yes, so you just need to give me another $5." Then.... Here's come the MAIN PART OF THE STORY...........

The cashier lady slipped her hand under the cashier box and passed the $5 to me!! WTH! She thinks that I am stupid and try to cheat my money! She purposely hide the money under the cashier box and hope that I'm a stupid dum dum that will just walked away with $2. It's only $5! Why does she has to do that? *sigh*

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Dylan Phuah said...

i hate cashiers hu does that also ....

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