Monday, November 16, 2009

Im a safety driver!

The day I cleared my stage 1 is probably one of my best lesson because the instructor was good and it makes me feel good too. Haha. It's the first time I got a Chinese instructor, his name is Lee KJ, I gotta mentioned his name as he is good! Didn't I just said so? Haha.

Anyway, I started off feeling abit worried because I know I'm not a good driver and I wonder what the instructor will fare me. Well, the instructor is quite funny and got alot to say which makes me learn alot more from him as compare to other instructor. He promised that he will passed my stage 1 and will bring me to the road where I will be learning for my stage 2. He said it will be a good practice to learn something before you go for the actual learning.

My turning improved alot, under other instructor I tend to slow down before turning and sllllloooowwwwly speed up when I turn. This instructor taught me to speed up when turning and I eventually got the better control and indeed has a smoother and better turning. Wahaha. I'm so happy whenever I do well. I think his method works better for me. So I gotta always:
1) Slow down before turning, check blind spot
2) Speed up when turning

I have better control when doing that. Probably I used to drive slowly when turning is because I lack of the confidence.

This instructor make me go round and round and go through tons of different turning. He said that I'm a very safe driver, those lazy instructor will like me because they can sleep fo 100minutes. Lol! During the journey he asked me alot of questions like, "speed or safety come first?" I answered, "safety". But I was wrong, he said "speed" because if drive too fast, you might cause hazard to the others and it too slow, I will be road hogging. So get the right speed first then observe my safety. Well, choosing "safety" is not totally wrong too. =)

He said that I', those type that can drive and always play safe. It's wasted that I learn auto. Haha. He said that I should have learn manual. I'm happy for that compliment but I don't think my reaction is good enough to learn manual =P He also mentioned that it's a pitied that my first few lesson are taught by those "relax relax" instructor so when comes to things that need to reaction faster, I am not fast enough. He said it's most likely I'm too used to the 'relax' style, which is quite true. His lesson I don't really get to slack much because I got many turning to make and he always remind to check this and that which the other instructors failed to tell me.

Oh ya, he is the only instructor that tell me that my sitting posture is wrong. I never know that the way I sit will affect my driving. I always thought my siting posture is ok. Haha. Nonetheless, today is a fruitful lesson ^_^

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